Cider Tourism

Thinking of travelling to the West? Or even heading over to the East? This page should help you link to the right places, producers, and even places to stay (so you won’t have to drive). 

Links to the relevant websites are provided (where available) below. For general information about touring 'cider country' (wherever that may be found), the Telegraph wrote a piece about it that is entertaining at least (although we cannot be held responsible the words of any journalist!)

Have you had a good cider trail recently? Was is worth sharing with others? Please send any links or ideas.

Herefordshire, Somerset and Worcestershire

The traditional cider producing counties (although by no means the only cider producing counties). With many cidermakers to choose from, planning a tour around these counties is a must for

Of all the routes available, this one is probably the most detailed, with a good map and information about producers and retailers.

Somersets tourist board have embraced their cider making heritage and produced a list of producers and retailers, as well as the 'Guide to Cider Lovers Somerset', which you can download from the website

The tourist board here do not make as much of their cider heritage as their two relations. However, a 'blossomtime' route is available.

This website plots a route through all three counties, with notable cidermakers on route. Why not do a bit of research and adapt it to include some makers not on their list?!

Normandy, France

The cider route in Normandy is a signposted route, leading to various cider producing villages. There are two links below for this:

Asturias, Spain

OK, you will probably need to translate the link, but it provides good information about sidra in Asturias:

Quebec Cider Route, Canada